Do you have a lifelong dream that never became fulfilled?  Are you an executive who has been in the business world and you would like to go in a different direction?  Maybe your
success was not as complete as you  wanted it to be. Or
perhaps you have an idea for a product or service and you wish to promote that concept.

Are you an entrepreneur in spirit and you want to make all the major decisions?  You want to be the person-in-charge
who puts forth the effort and reaps the rewards. You probably have a particular dream in mind and you are eager to begin.

You may be a crafter who would like to sell  your "creation" for fair market value, but you really do not know where to 
start. We will assist you in every phase from product development to the network of distribution you will need to meet the demands of your customers.
Manage Your Horizons can show you where to begin.  From the beginning of your business concept through your growth plan, to the ultimate realization of your goal,  MYH will provide an objective common sense analysis of your ideas and their implementation.